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A38 - An idea that germinated from the seed of deep-seated interest and intrigue in the field of International Law, A38 was the product of the joint effort of siblings, Kirthi and Karthik Jayakumar. Seeking to make available to the researching student with limited resources in different aspects of International Law, the best of scholastic opinion and academic ideas, the idea of an online journal was born. The name of the organisation is A38, which stands for Article Thirty Eight, which is the specific provision under the Statute of the International Court of Justice that enumerates the "sources of International Law". The tagline of the journal reads Where Knowledge is the Common Heritage of Mankind, amplifying the highest value attached to making knowledge readily available in the public domain for anyone and everyone seeking to derive benefits from it.

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Call for Papers: Volume 4, Issue 4

The A38 Journal of International Law (ISSN 2277-9361) is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal, published online, that seeks to provide an international forum for the publication of articles in the field of International Law. The Journal is currently soliciting submissions for Volume 4, Issue 4, which will be published in January 2016. The submission deadline for Volume 4 Issue 4 is November 30, 2015. We welcome submissions from academicians, practitioners, students, researchers and experts from within the legal community. We have a strong preference for articles that assert and defend a well-reasoned position.
Volume 4, Issue 4 will invite articles, short notes, book reviews and case commentaries relating to the following broad themes:
- The Absolute Prohibition on Torture; Torture and Anti-Terror Legislation; Torture and the War on Terrorism
- The changing meaning of State and Non-State Actors in the light of The Islamic State.
- The concept of Cultural Genocide
- Cyber Attacks and Surveillance under international law
- Drones strikes and their compliance with international humanitarian law.
- LGBTQ Rights and their changing dimensions under international law
- International Migration Laws
- The current situation in Greece and the future of the European Monetary Union

We welcome submissions under the following categories, with ballpark figures for word limits:
·                  Articles (between 6000-10000 words including footnotes)
·                  Short Notes (3000-6000 words including  footnotes)
·                  Book Reviews (1000-2000 words including footnotes)
·                  Case Commentaries (3000-5000 words including footnotes)

We welcome short articles on the aforementioned themes for our blog. The typical word limit for a blog piece will be under 2000 words. All references to be mentioned. To submit a blog, click here.

Co-authored papers / Papers with multiple authors are welcome.

All submissions must conform to the following guidelines:

· Submissions are to be made only in electronic form, and are to be sent to submissions@athirtyeight.com.
·  All submissions for the current issue must be submitted on or before November 30, 2015.
·   Each Article must be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 300 words. The abstract must be in a separate word document. No abstract is required for Short Notes, Book Reviews or Commentaries.         
·  For Book Reviews, you must describe the subject of the review clearly, including the name of the book, the name of the author, the name of the publisher, the date of publication, and, if applicable, the edition number.           
·  Please provide Author details with your submission, including qualifications and institutional affiliations. These details are to be provided in the first footnote of the article, referenced from the author’s name.     
·  All work must be original. By submitting any work, the author is presumed to declare that the article is original and has not been published elsewhere.
·  All articles must be submitted only in MS Word format (.doc or .docx extensions). They must be written in Times New Roman, size 12, 1.5 spacing.
·  No borders, cover pages or title pages are to be included. Mention the title of the submission once in the beginning of the piece, followed by the author’s name.
· References must be footnoted. All references must be cited in simple text. No formatting is required for the citations.

Submissions are promptly acknowledged within a few hours of the receipt of submission. The decision on publication takes a minimum of 2 – 3 weeks after the deadline. Requests for expedited review can be sent to submissions@athirtyeight.com, if the submission is being considered for publication by other journals. Should you request expedited review, please mention the name of the journal for which your article is under consideration, along with the name and e-mail address of one contact person on the Editorial Board of that journal and a date by which you expect our response.